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Corpsure Insurance Brokers & Financial Services, based in Gold Coast is a leading provider of construction insurance solutions. Our team of experienced brokers and financial experts work closely with clients to identify their unique insurance needs and provide customized coverage options to help protect their business. Our services cover a wide range of industries and include property, liability, workers compensation, and professional liability insurance. With a commitment to superior customer service, Corpsure is dedicated to helping businesses minimize risk and secure their financial future.

Construction Insurance Gold Coast

Construction projects can be complex, involving many different business and regulatory interests, often bringing together large numbers of people from different backgrounds, including developers, tradies, contractors, and inspectors.

Such projects can face a variety of risk factors in the form of natural disasters, to fire, to vandalism and theft, to on-site injury or accidental death.

This is exactly why you need comprehensive Construction Insurance.

Construction Insurance (also known as Contract Works Insurance, Construction Works, and Construction All Risk Insurance) helps ensure all parties involved in the various phases of a construction project are adequately protected, from the commencement of construction to final completion.

Single or Annual Contract Works Insurance is designed to provide cover for a single project or on an annual cover basis. In other words, there are 2 main types of insurance:

  • Single-project policy: Coverage for individual, one-off construction projects.
  • Annual policy: Coverage for multiple developments over a 12-month period.

The main kinds of coverage that people tend to seek in relation to construction insurance will generally include:

  • Cover against damage for owners, builders, and developers
  • Residential cover
  • Commercial cover
  • Civil cover
  • Third party liability
  • Insurance for injuries to constructions workers
  • Insurance for damage to other properties
  • Construction site damage due to natural disaster
  • Plant, machinery, tool, and equipment damage or loss

Since no two construction projects are the same, insurance products should reflect a tailored approach.

Specific coverage policies for construction projects can come in many different forms, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be a complex choice.

We make it a point of different in our approach to really take the time to get to know you, understand your business situation and project requirements, and then provide flexible options for the type of coverage that best applies to your construction situation.

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