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Corpsure Insurance Brokers & Financial Services, based in Brisbane is a leading provider of Plant & Machinery solutions. Our team of experienced brokers and financial experts work closely with clients to identify their unique insurance needs and provide customized coverage options to help protect their business. Our services cover a wide range of industries and include property, liability, workers compensation, and professional liability insurance. With a commitment to superior customer service, Corpsure is dedicated to helping businesses minimize risk and secure their financial future.

Plant & Machinery Brisbane

Imagine you run an equipment hire company and one day someone has the novel idea of taking one of your bright yellow company bobcats for a joy ride in the parking lot. In a few short minutes, they have managed to scrape the paint off three cars, put a major dent in your shiny new garage, bent one of the bobcat’s wheels out of shape, crashed through a fence, careened down a ditch, and flipped the bobcat into the river. Now, someone needs to pay for the damage and to fish the bobcat out of the river.

This is where plant and machinery insurance comes in.

Plant and machinery may include any of the following:

Dump Trucks
Table Saws
Power Tools

“Plant” is a general term referring to heavy machinery situated in and around a factory or building area.

Whether the machinery and equipment used in the course of business is itself small or large, insurance cover is an essential component of risk mitigation for those involved in the business of construction, civil, mining, and landscaping work.

CorpSure’s Plant and Machinery insurance cover is a comprehensive package for Engineering Plant and Civil equipment, including bobcats and excavation equipment, buckets, attachments, and all general accessories.

We’re confident we can find a solution that’s right for you and we’re more than happy to discuss any questions you might have around the topic.

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